SIFA Phone Card: Users' Reviews

Not bad - I can not solve a card problem during week ends.
Reviewer: Ruth Branschat who calls USA & Colombia,S.A.
I have a $5 Sifa card with more than four dollars on it, but every time a try to use it, it is said that the pin number is not valid. I called to 416 245 1132, but you do not work on weekends. You give 0 to communicate with the operator, but of course it is not in service. HOW CAN I SOLVE THIS PROBLEM? I understand this is not a customer service page,but maybe is good that you know what is going on with the costumer service telephone number. Thank you

Excellent - Better them all other cards with fees.
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Korea
This card does not give all advertised minutes. For me it is about 60-70% of promised, but unlike 2020 phone card, which I used before, SIFA gives me good minutes for any number of calls. It has no maintenance fee, so I can use SIFA for as long as I need.

Good - Extension numbers do not work
Reviewer: Stefan who calls Canada
When I am calling long distance numbers after which an extension number is requested the extension numbers will not work.

Excellent - This is by far the best card I have used.
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls U.K.
I phone the U.K. a few times a week. This is by far the best card I have used. It's cut my Bell phone bill by as much as $30 per month. I've only ever has one problem. When I scratched the PIN number, it disintergrated. A call to Customer Service sorted it out. Excellant card

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls US and China

Good - scam SIFA cards - beware
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls Canada, USA, France, England
I've been using SIFA cards for years and have yet to find another with better rates for calls to the US and Europe. Occasionally their lines are full, but this has been quite rare. Recently I asked for SIFA card at a Quickie store in Ottawa and received the standard paper printout, rather than the actual card some stores sell. Although this new "card" says SIFA, it turns out its for a different company with crappy rates. So the lesson is: look at the phone number on the card (or printout) and make sure its the right one for SIFA, or else you'll be paying way too much for you phone calls

Not bad - Adequate
Reviewer: Catherine who calls US, Canada, UK, Nigeria
Likes: Good connection, lots of minutes for Western countries, lasted a long time Dislikes: couldn't get through to access numbers a few times, 25 cents weekly service fee, few minutes to Nigeria, no way of making multiple calls without hanging up and re-dialing from the beginning.

Excellent - SIFA: Strongly Recommed
Reviewer: dB who calls Canada, Japan, USA, UK
I have been using SIFA cards for four years now. When I first moved to the area I'm in now, I could no longer find the brand of card I'd used to use; I tried a number of different cards, all recommended by their sellers. All the cards I tried, until I tried SIFA, had hidden PER-CALL charges and PER-WEEK charges. One even told me I had plenty of money left for a lengthy call, but would cut me off after one or two minutes! (I called that card's customer service, and they explained that they wouldn't know until after my call had been concluded whether or not there would be charges to the card company from the country I was calling; therefore, to protect themselves, they would cut me off with money still remaining on my card! It was money I had paid for, and still had credited, but could not use!) I don't remember that card company's name and I don't care; as long as SIFA is in business, I'm only interested in buying their cards.

Excellent - The best
Reviewer: Jorge who calls Canada/USA
The Best card because most other cards do not access Teleconference calls....

Excellent - this card is bomb
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls canada and usa
this card is fantastic... i liked it.. and it lasted long enough..

Excellent - Excellent value for money.
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls U.K. and USA
Excellent value for money. Lots of local numbers available to connect with, so good for travelling. Sometimes lines are not available for a while, but this does not happen often

Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls china
Next to asia unlimited...the best for south asia AND Canada

Excellent - Worked as expected
Reviewer: Anonymous Reviewer who calls South Korea
Was used in a three day period having made two calls totalling 156 minutes. Only complaint - not too happy about the 25 cent per week fee, but if you use it within the first week, its not an issue. Calls went through properly, quality was good.

Waste of money - Totally unsatisfactory
Reviewer: Terry Hobin who calls Saudi Arabia...Jeddah
Using my first Sifa card, I called S.A. twice. First call: Bad connection...tried for (2+) minutes to converse. Second call: Bad connection...Tried for (2+) converse. Discontinued call. Total charges:$1.80 These charges exceded charges for 10 10 620. Calls made with 10 10 620 have given a clear connection.

Good - good card
Reviewer: a cummings who calls Canada
This card is an excellent card for calling in Canada and the US, even though it does not do so well for the Caribbean